Blepharoplasty – also called eyelid lift surgery – is performed to reduce wrinkling, sagging or drooping eyelid skin. This is a very safe and common plastic surgery procedure that can take years off a man or woman’s appearance – as well as improve vision. It may involve removing excess skin, tightening sagging skin, or removing fat that cause “bags” under the eyes.

A brow lift – also called forehead lift surgery – is a different procedure that makes one look younger by surgically raising the soft tissue and skin of the forehead and brow. Brow lift surgery can rejuvenate a low, heavy, sagging, wrinkled or asymmetrical forehead.

Recent innovations in eye lid and brow plastic surgery techniques also enable our plastic surgeons to preserve and redistribute the fat that is around the eyes – rather than just surgically removing it – to augment “hollow” looking eyes.

Eyelid lift surgery (blepharoplasty) and/or a brow lift (forehead lift) can be done alone, or at the same time as each other. They can also be combined with other facial procedures, such as a face-lift or neck lift surgery.  Our skilled plastic surgeons will assess each patient’s needs and aesthetic goals, and recommend the right procedure or combination of procedures to help them look younger and more attractive.

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