REACTION™ by Viora combines bi-polar multi-radiofrequency CORE™ technology with vacuum therapy, to offer quick, safe skin resurfacing and cellulite reduction. Viora REACTION™ is a comfortable and painless procedure, with minimal to no downtime afterwards.

There several factors which cause the appearance of cellulite, including: poor lymphatic drainage; decreased blood circulation that deprives cells of oxygen and nutrients; and an increase in rigid and inflexible collagen fibers in the skin’s structure. Viora REACTION™ addresses all of these issues – combining deep tissue heating with vacuum action – to enhance blood microcirculation, increase fat cell metabolism, reduce fat volume, and tighten and remodel connective tissue.

Viora REACTION essentially rebuilds the skin’s underlying “scaffolding” on a deep cellular level so that fat cells do not cause the skin to bulge and dimple. Depending on the degree of cellulite , 4 to 6 treatments scheduled 2 weeks apart are typically recommended.

In addition to Viora Reaction, Aurora Med Spa in East Lansing and Birmingham, MI also offers Pixel8-RF minimally invasive fractional radiofrequency (RF) microneedling to achieve dramatic skin resurfacing and cellulite reduction. Anesthetic is applied prior to Pixel8 microneedling to ensure a comfortable 30 minute treatment. Patients can resume regular activities in a few hours, however the skin may peel for next few days – for a total recovery time of 3-5 days.

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