Eyelash Extensions | East Lansing, Birmingham

Our eyes truly are the windows to our soul! Eyes are typically the very first feature someone notices about a person. Long, luscious lashes accentuate the eyes and add allure to your expression. But, unfortunately, most of us are not born with the long, thick, lovely lashes that we see on supermodels, actresses and influencers. The good news is that state-of-the-art eyelash extensions – available at Aurora Medi Spa in Birmingham and East Lansing, MI – can give you the long, luxurious lashes you have always wanted.

Modern eyelash extension (and their adhesives) have undergone several massive improvements in last few years – making them safer, more beautiful and longer lasting than ever. (You can even get them wet later the same day!) Long eyelashes can add elegance and sophistication – or flirtatiousness and sultry sex appeal. And if you are a bit more mature, our elegant eyelash extensions can take years off your appearance, in addition to making you more beautiful.

Schedule an eyelash extension appointment at Aurora Medi Spa in Birmingham or East Lansing, MI today – and get the long, full, luscious eyelashes you have always wanted!