In addition to interfering with a woman’s appearance goals, large breasts can cause a number of health problems that cause pain and interfere with daily activities. Breasts that are disproportionately large for a woman’s body can cause neck and shoulder pain, back problems, indentation of the shoulders from bra straps, and rashes underneath the breast folds.

Our top East Lansing breast reduction surgeons can put an end to all of these problems with breast reduction surgery. And, many insurance companies cover the cost of breast reduction. We accept most insurance plans, and we also offer financing options if insurance coverage is not available.

Large breasts are often hereditary. They also can be caused by weight gain, while some women experience breast enlargement after pregnancy. Large breasts can affect your posture, cause severe back pain and even lead to problems of the spine. Large breasts can interfere with exercising or running – and finding clothes and bras that fit properly can also be a challenge!

Whether you are seeking breast reduction surgery to improve your your appearance, your lifestyle, or your health, our top East Lansing plastic surgeons are here to help you.