REACTION™ by Viora combines bi-polar multi-radiofrequency CORE™ technology with vacuum therapy, to offer quick, safe skin tightening and resurfacing treatments. Viora REACTION™ is a comfortable and painless procedure, with minimal to no downtime afterwards.

As we age the body’s ability to produce collagen diminishes, resulting in wrinkled, loose and sagging skin. Viora REACTION™ delivers multiple radiofrequency channels to penetrate and heat the dermis (lower layer of skin) to strengthen and tighten tissue fibers and stimulate dermal collagen production. After the first REACTION™ treatment patients instantly notice smoother facial skin and an overall improvement in skin tightness and texture. For optimal skin tightening – depending on the degree of laxity – 4 to 6 treatments scheduled 2 weeks apart may be recommended. 

In addition to Viora REACTION™, Aurora Med Spa in East Lansing and Birmingham, MI also offers a wide array of other facial rejuvenation treatments including IPL Photofacials, Erbium Skin Resurfacing, Pixel8 Microneedling, Ultherapy, and more. Viora REACTION™ can be used on its own – or in combination with our other facial rejuvenation and anti-aging procedures to “turn back time” and help you look and feel like a younger, refreshed and more attractive version of you.

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