Product Discounted Price
50 units – $12/unit
Orig. $13.50/unit
100 units – $11/unit
Orig. $13.50/unit
150 units – $10/unit
Orig. $13.50/unit
50 units – $11/unit
Orig. $12.50/unit
100 units – $10/unit
Orig. $12.50/unit
150 units – $9/unit
Orig. $12.50/unit
Cosmetic Fillers All Juvéderm and RADIESSE®
One syringe $75 off
2 syringes $125 off each
3+ syringes $200 off each
Juvéderm Voluma XC
(Cheeks/under eye)
Juvéderm Vollure
Juvéderm Ultra Plus
Juvéderm Volbella
(Lips/Lip lines)
Juvéderm Ultra XC
(Lips only)
(cheeks/Nasal lines)
(double chin)
2 Treatments (2 Vials)
(double chin)
2 Treatments (4 Vials)
Jawline Contouring
3 Syringes
Hand Fillers
(younger looking hands)
2 Syringes
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
(non-surgical nose job)
Chin Filler
1 Syringe
Sculptra for Chest
(Wrinkle & Décolleté)
3 vials
PRP Injections
(full face)
1 treatment
Intimate Shot (PRP)
1 treatment
2 Micro-Needling
4 Micro-Needling
6 Micro-Needling
3 RF Micro-Needling Face
3 RF Micro-Needling Face & Neck
2 PRP Micro-Needling
3 PRP Micro-Needling
BDR German Facial
1 treatment
BDR German Facial
6 treatments (weekly)
PRP Hair Restoration
3 PRP Hair
PRP Hair Restoration
5 PRP Hair
Hydrafacial Keravive
(Scalp health)
Mini HydraFacial MD (45min)
Signature HydraFacial MD
Elite HydraFacial MD
VI Chemical Peel
Ultherapy® Brow Lift
Ultherapy® Upper Face Lift
Ultherapy® Full Face
Ultherapy® Lower Face and Neck
Ultherapy® Lower Face
Ultherapy® Neck
Ultherapy® Full Face and Neck
PDO Thread Lifting Lower Face
PDO Thread Lifting Lower Face and Neck
PDO Thread Lifting Neck Only
Laser Skin Resurfacing Full Face
Laser Skin Resurfacing Full Face and Neck
(Fat Reduction/Body Contouring)
Velashape 3
(Body Tightening & Cellulite Reductions)
Best Solution for Neck Contouring
2 cycles CoolSculpting, 2 Kybella
Micro Blading for Eyebrows
Lip Blush
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