Aurora Med Spa and Plastic Surgery has added Lip Blushing to our wide array of lip enhancing procedures. Lip Blushing is a type of semi-permanent pigmentation that is artfully added to the lips to add color, size, shape, and symmetry to your lips. Similar to tattooing – but not permanent – this procedure deposits pigment in your lips using small needles.

Unfortunately lips get thinner with age. Adding both color and shape to the lips can make you look more beautiful and years younger. And, no matter what your age, Lip Blushing means your lips look fantastic 24/7 – even when you just wake up, or get out of the shower or pool – without any makeup! 

Stop spending time and a small fortune on expensive lip liners and lipsticks to color your lips and make your lips appear large, shapelier, or symmetrical! Lip Blushing is “one-and-done” and lasts a few years!

Schedule an appointment today and get the shapely, luscious lips you’ve always wanted at Aurora Med Spa and Plastic Surgery in Lansing or Birmingham, MI!